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Sims 4 eyelashes cc

Sims 4 eyelashes cc

To a person who is just getting started with CC, we would recommend downloading Sims 4 cc eyelashes. These are the only thing that will make your Sims look more lovely and realistic. The typical EA eyelashes are always bizarre, looking like heavy eyeliner that was applied incorrectly. These Sims 4 cc eyelashes are the secret to making your sims appear and feel so much better than they do with the default eyelashes in the game, which are far more cartoonish and unreal.

Here are the best sims 4 cc eyelashes:

1) Kijiko 3D Eyelashes

kijiko eyelashes sims 4

The kijiko eyelashes sims 4 3D are some of the most famous custom content eyelashes. Numerous options are available while also getting more realistic Sims 4 CC eyelashes thanks to thousands of Simmers’ use of these eyelashes. These eyelashes are nice and long, so they look dramatic without looking fake so that they can work for almost everyone in your family. They look great on all types of eyes and faces, and there are choices for both male and female sims.

2) Eyelashes in 3D

eyelashes cc Sims 4

For a quick and simple makeup application, try these 2D cat eyeliner lashes. The top and bottom lash lines are both long and full, and you even get a set of button lashes. You can find this kit in the eyeliner and makeup sections, and it includes eight various colours.

3) The 3D Lashes V1

With these 3D Eyelashes by Players Wonderland, you can give your sims a choice of 9 different styles. Eyelash packs that give you many options are some of my favorites because you only have to download one package to give your sims a lot of different looks.

The different types of lashes differ from the wispy eyelashes that seem standard. These would look great on sims in their teens or young adults who are still figuring out who they are.

4) Eyelashes of sapphire

eyelash mod sims 4

It’s so beautiful to look at these Sapphire Eyelashes by Screaming Mustard, and they’re perfect for a wispy look that’s not too extreme. The blue eyelashes come in a few different lengths and can fit a lot of sims without looking too fake. These types of lashes look great on sims who like to go without makeup but still want to look beautiful or on sims who want to wear bold eye shadow but don’t want their big lashes to cover up all the color.

5) Eyelashes from nature

Sims 4 eyelashes cc

The Natural Eyelashes by Vampire Aninyosalah is an excellent choice for eyelashes that are neither natural nor showy. These are very pretty and give you more than just black. These lashes are great for almost any sim who likes a bold look but wants to avoid looking like they belong on a runway when they go to work or school.

6) Dreamgirl Lashes for Sims 4

They look so sharp and thick, which makes their features stand out. You’ll find the perfect coloring for your Sims among the other options.

7) Child Eyelashes

We couldn’t write a story about eyelashes without making at least one version for kids. Since kids’ eyes are more petite in The Sims 4, their eyelashes need to be smaller and made for small eyes so they don’t look weird. If your Sims child wants to look different from EA’s usual eyes, these child lashes are a great choice. These are a lot of fun for kids to wear to special events where they can dress up and feel great.

8) Natural Eyelashes for Sims 4 CC N35

Natural Eyelashes for Sims 4

These Natural Lashes are beautiful, and a small amount of eyeliner in the lower lash line adds an interesting detail. This makes your sim’s eyes look more dramatic and draws you in. These are cool for just about any Sim because they aren’t too showy but still draw your attention and make your Sim look so beautiful.

9) Eyelash Pralinesims

eyelash mod sims 4

This eyelash Pralinesims gives your sims very stunning eyes. Sims can wear this for formal occasions such as weddings or night outs on the town, and it looks similar to fake eyelashes. These lashes are very long and beautiful. This last pack has a few choices, which is nice because you don’t just get one when you download lashes.

Instead, you get many, which makes it easier to find things in Create a Sim. As the picture shows, these lashes will look great on any Sim with any haircut; they are the best.

10) Eyelashes for Dawn and Sunset

Sims 4 eyelashes cc

As you can see, these Dawn & Sunset Eyelashes are a great choice that looks great even over the EA eyelashes. They are friendly and straightforward at the bottom, so with a bit of makeup, they look like natural lashes, but they are still dramatic at the top.

You can dress these up or down based on your sim’s hair and makeup look, so they are versatile and will work for many different sims.

11) CC Eyelashes Mara Sims 4 N92

Sims 4 eyelashes cc

These Mara Eyelashes are a great choice. These eyelashes cc sims 4 comes in 5 different colors and three different types of eyelashes. These are great because they look exactly like someone who wears makeup, which makes them look very real and beautiful. If you get your hands on them, these eyelashes are an excellent choice for almost any sim and will become your new favorite.

12) Lashes Hollywood

Sims 4 eyelashes cc

These Hollywood Lashes are very dramatic and don’t work with a simple look. They’re long and bent, which gives them a dramatic look that will draw your sim’s eyes and make them look so beautiful. These are an excellent choice for a formal look if you’re attending a Get Famous award event or your sim’s wedding. They’re a gorgeous and intense pair of lashes to add to your collection.

11) Full Exposure Eyelashes

Sims 4 eyelashes cc

In the style of Hollywood, these Full Exposure Eyelashes are very dramatic and make your sims look gorgeous. With darker eye makeup and dark lipstick, these look great and give your sim a sultry look that works well for a Black Widow Challenge. You can also use this method to add lashes to a more relaxed eyeshadow look, making the eyelashes the main attraction. Great for formal looks that will make your sims the most beautiful people in the room.

12) Le Goth Eyelashes

eyelash mod sims 4

These intense gothic eyelashes remind me of when I listened to My Chemical Romance. You get that gothic look when you wear dark makeup and thick eyeliner with these.

13) Maggie Eyelashes & Eyeliner

Sims 4 eyelashes cc

These Maggie’s eyelashes are attractive because they don’t just come in black. You can also get them in brown, red, and white, which is fantastic. It also comes with a perfect eyeliner that goes well with the eyeshadow.

14) MMSims Eyelash Version 4

MMSims Eyelash Version 4

Customization is so cool, and these are great because you can choose to have lashes on the top, the bottom, or both, which is incredible. You can also choose from different shades of colour to make the look more unique.

15) Twiggy Eyelashes Are 3D

eyelash mod sims 4

These next eyelashes are made to look like Twiggy, a very famous model from the 1960s and 1970s. These eyelashes are long and give a dramatic look, which is excellent.

16) Eyelashes that Maxis Match

eyelash mod sims 4

Your custom content needs to be maxis match if you want it to fit the style of the game, and these things will look great on other sims. They don’t have many individual hairs, making them look exciting and different from the other options on this list.

17) Male Eyelashes 02

Male Eyelashes 02

Most of the sims 4 cc eyelashes on this list are for women, but your male sims should also have fun eyelashes. These eyelashes are great because they come in different sizes and shape swatches for different amounts of fullness.

18) Easy 3D Design Eyelashes for sims 4

eyelash mod sims 4

Does anyone love how these eyelashes have so many different styles? We care greatly about customization in the eyelash mod sims 4, so we are hooked on custom hair and other custom material.

Even the biggest ones aren’t too big, and the shapes and sizes are typical.

19) NB02 Eyelashes

eyelashes for sims 4

These next eyelashes are great because they come in three different thicknesses. You can use them on the top, the bottom, or both. Even though they look more flat, they have a lot of depth. These eyelashes look amazing on sims with big eyes, which you can make even bigger with facial tools to make your sim’s face look precisely how you want it to.

20) Eyebrows vixella

eyelashes cc Sims 4

Sims 4 cc eyelashes vixella are a great way to make your Sims look more glamorous! They are long, thick, and flirty, with a touch of sass that will make your Sims stand out. These cc folder eyelashes, which range from subtle to dramatic, will give your Sims a unique and stylish edge.

21) Eyelashes for the anime

Natural Eyelashes for Sims 4

Anime is a famous art style, and these anime eyelashes give Sims 4 characters a cool look. They have small eyelashes on the bottom and not a lot of detail to keep that fun cartoon look. Sims 4 eyelashes cc skin details have different categories.

22) Glaza 16 Eyelashes

eyelashes sims 4 cc

Next on the list are a lot of eyelashes sims 4 cc. They come in many fun colors, like yellow, pink, and red, and have interesting shapes and sizes. You can use these to give your sims fun and exciting looks with makeup.

23) 3D Eyelashes for Halloween

Because they are so Halloween-themed, these might be the most adorable eyelashes cc Sims 4. You can make many fun looks with these, like giving your sim a spider web on their face, which is very cute. Imagine your sims walking with their toddler on Halloween while the child is wearing a custom-made costume, and they are just hanging out, and your sim has these fantastic eyelashes. It would be so adorable!

24) Eyelashes N79 Harmony

Sims 4 eyelashes cc skin

Harmony Lashes by Praline Sims are the last lashes. They are great because they come with five different swatches that can be used on different types of eyes. These lashes are lovely and complete but not too dramatic so that they can look good on various face types. These eyelashes are great for sims with small or big eyes, and they look good on sims of all ages as they are very natural and dramatic.

25) Tender Eyelashes N47

eyelash mod sims 4

These Tender Eyelashes from PralineSims are simple and won’t draw too much attention to your sim’s eyes. Shorter eyelashes are a great choice for many Sims because they look good on a wide range of Sims, not just those who like showy makeup. These are great for younger sims, like teens or young adults, who can wear them to high school or college and look gorgeous.

26) CC Lashes Ruby 3D

These Ruby 3D Lashes by Screaming Mustard are a great choice if you want your sims to look like they have fake lashes. With various lengths and fullness options, you may use a single lash file to create multiple appearances for your Sims. When young adult sims go on dates, have weddings, or go out with friends, these are great lashes to wear.


If you want to make your Sims look better, adding Sims 4 cc eyebrows is the best thing you can do. When it comes to unique content, these are game changers because you can finally make them look more realistic instead of having those awful chunky EA eyelashes. These make a huge difference in how your sims look and make you love making characters even more.


In Sims 4, can eyelashes be changed?

There is no option to modify eyelashes in The Sims 4. It is impossible to alter how the change is implemented. You can, however, download the eyebrows and put them on your Sim.

How do you get rid of the EA eyebrows in The Sims 4?

To remove all EA Lashes in Sims 4, go to the Skin Detail section and put a mole on your Sim. You will need one of the Sims 4 remover apps to get rid of the EA Lashes. Download the mod, and you can easily get rid of the EA eyebrows with just one click.

Do you want to damage your eyelashes?

Yes, wearing the eyelashes for too long can cause damage, and because they are heavier than lashes with less weight, they can cause stress on the hair, which can cause natural lashes to fall out for good.

How can I make my Sims have long eyelashes?

Open Sims 4 Studio and select eyeliner. Then click “Export Texture” and open the DLL file in Photoshop. Then, click Aphla on the channel Tag, draw the eyelashes, and save the DLL file. You can bring this new background into Sims 4 Studio.

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