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15+ Best Sims 4 Bathroom CC

Sims 4 Bathroom CC

This is a simple, no-frills guide to the site’s best Sims 4 bathroom CC downloads. Nearly a million items are available for download on the site, and finding precisely what you’re looking for can be daunting. Fortunately, the incredible Sims 4 bathroom cc is accessible, allowing you to customize your Sims’ bathrooms perfectly. Head over to the gallery for those who want to skip the long read and look at pictures of the CC bathroom items.

The majority of the bathroom items are available via CC downloads. You can find them under Casual Downloads on your Downloads page. Fortunately, the incredible Sims 4 bathroom cc is accessible, allowing you to customize your Sims’ bathrooms perfectly.

Today, we’ll discuss some CC you must have, everything from toothbrushes and bathmats to baths and toilet paper.

1. TeKa Shower

The TeKa Sims 4 bathroom CC pack has a sizable glass frame that provides space for your Sim and their significant others to converse comfortably. The TeKa Bath Mat, the TeKa Toilet Paper Dispenser, and the TeKa Bath Mat are essential if you want realistic-looking tiles when you walk into a bathroom.

You can also find these items on my Downloads page under the Casual Downloads category. This seems more appropriate for someone in Del Sol Valley than Strangerville.

2. Bathroom Aloe CC pack

It includes 10+ bathroom accessories, toiletries, rugs, and a bath mat. If you want to show off your excellent decorating skills and go a bit more extravagant in your bathroom, this is the pack for you. Color swatches are included on each object to customize the hues to suit your tastes.

There are many different things contained in this Sims 4 bathroom cc set, including the concrete bathtub, two other toilet options, tall cabinets, benches, and more.

3. Sims 4 Bathroom Set by Ravasheen

The Sims 4 Bathroom CC by Ravasheen provides a set of six bathroom items. The items include cabinets, bathtubs, mirrors, showers, and toilets. If you have a mansion or any other type of house with a bathtub, this is a must-have. I love the design and think it adds depth and beauty to the bathroom.

It’s very detailed and adds touches of glamour to your bathroom. Additionally, there are two shower-tub combos (with a curtain or glass cladding) and a soaking tub that you can select from for your bathroom.

4. Black & White Bathmats

The black and white bathroom mat is a simple yet elegant addition to any bathroom. Unfold it and stick it onto the floor before your sink and mirror. These particular bathmats made by ung999 are plain and have a traditional style.

There are four entire swatches, one featuring a deep sea blue floral pattern and the primary black and white striped pattern.

5. Sims Bathroom CC Accessories by Soloriya

If you prefer a more minimalistic look for your Sims’ bathrooms, this is the perfect set for you. It includes a toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, toilet paper dispenser, towel rack, and mirrors.

Everything your Sims will need for their bathroom will be included in this set. The ceramic foundation of this set is the same in all ten color swatches, but the wood detailing varies.

6. Modern Bathroom Sims 4 CC by Sixam CC

This rare bathroom set is well worth downloading if you’re searching for a very modern, sleek look for your bathroom. It includes a toilet, bathtub, mirror, sink, and cabinet with drawers.

As with the other set by Sixam CC, there are lots of color swatches included in this download to allow you to choose colors that suit your style perfectly. If you enjoy combining wood and iron in your furnishings, this contemporary bathroom is a great option.

7. Platinum Toilet

The platinum toilet is a rare and beautiful addition to any Sims 4 Bathroom CC. The toilet is porcelain, which makes it a gorgeous addition to any home décor.

There are lots of color swatches included in this download to choose the color that suits your tastes best. The concept comprises a built-in-the-wall toilet with a sensor discharge, which is standard in real-world public restrooms.

8. Decorative Bathroom CC pack Sims 4 by Soloriya

This is a simple yet elegant set that includes various decorative objects. In addition to choosing from 6 different color options, there are towels, a brush, and some ornamental items.

I want to point out that this bathroom set was created by Soloriya, who also made the more-lavish Bathroom Accessories set discussed earlier in the article.

9. Garden Breeze Bathroom Sims 4 CC Pack

This house set by Creatorscandy is an excellent colorful bathroom addition to your home. The light transparency of the curtains adds to the overall realistic appearance of the scene. Where the curtain joins the tub is where the designs fold.

Think about how meticulous you are. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a Sims 4 Bathroom CC addition or building a themed home. The wall patterning and ottoman with a carpet-like design are both beautifully detailed.

10. Cuky Shower Curtains

Cuky shower curtains are one of my favorite things because they look natural. We can choose from 15 unique shower curtains designed by CC creator Pqsims4, not just because of their hue.

Some patterns include flowery patterns and stripes, while others feature a simple line. Not to mention the varying shades of each design.

11. Serenity Bathroom CC for Sims 4 by Peacemaker-IC

I adore this set because it’s a large Sims 4 Bathroom CC for a limited price. It includes a small bathtub, sink, Toilet paper canister, ladder rack, lanterns, and toilet. The colors in this particular set are so realistic!

This is also an excellent fit for those who want to add colorful touches to their bathroom. Ten different shades are included in one download to pick your favorite color for the subtle details on the bathroom set.

12. Tempura Tub Bathroom CC Sims 4 pack

This unique bathtub is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more modern décor. If you want to experience the aura of nature during your bubble soak, the Tempura Tub by Nikadema is the way to go.

This bathtub has a large circular shape and is expertly crafted from smooth hazelnut wood. The bathroom set also features some great touches, such as glass doors on the window, and provides a good nature view.

13. Bath & Beauty Products

This particular set has a variety of decorative bathroom products. Despite being more geared toward women, this clutter stands out due to more distinctive brands on the different items.

This Sims 4 Bathroom CC contains Nutrisse hair dye, Dove soap, and Garnier face cream. Many things are beautiful and will add fun details to your house.

14. Forest Fantasy Sims 4 Bathroom CC pack

I love this particular set because it’s simple and elegant. The unique touch is the inclusion of a forest vibe in the bathroom. It also has a coastal-inspired bathroom, which makes it a perfect addition to coastal or Mediterranean-styled homes or apartments.

This beautifully wood-crafted bathroom includes the following items: a sink, shower stall, Toilet, Towel holders, and a toilet paper holder with LED lights.

15. Eleanor Sims 4 CC Bathroom Sink

This bathroom sink is a decorative item, so it’s perfect for those who don’t like to change their bathrooms every week. With its minimalist appearance, this sink adds a touch of class to any bathroom.

The entire set is made from wood and is available in three colors. This CC also provides a ton of extra space for other decor items, like shaving cream or some of the early beauty of Sims 4 bathroom clutter CC we shared.

16. Shaving Bathroom Clutter Sims 4 CC

You’ve probably never thought about adding shaving products to your Sims’ bathroom, but once you see this clutter, you’ll want to add everything. This is an obvious Sims 4 Bathroom CC clutter with numerous features that can be edited to create a custom look.

It includes four items: razors, cream, soap, and aftershave lotion. It also includes Colgate products (toothpaste and brushes), a pleasant addition to a pack of bathroom clutter CC sims 4 already overstuffed.


Many unique decorative items and add-ons can be used to decorate your bathroom. Over time, you can experiment with different styles and create your space in the bathroom. Make sure that you choose bathrooms that match the type of your home or apartment.

Change the lights, walls, flooring, and other fashionable details to give your bathroom a new feel. Create a place where you can relax and enjoy life!

We hope you enjoyed our article on making Sims 4 Bathroom CC beautiful! Please share this article with family and friends to help them find these Bathroom Mods for Sims 4.

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